Michal Gebauer

Michal Gebauer

Java & javascript fullstack developer. Oracle certified web expert, Pivotal certified Spring professional, lecturer.

I've been programming since primary school and for last 15 years actively participating on different (mainly java based) projects. I work on both front-end and back-end including UX, security, database and whole development life cycle as dev ops.

Oracle certified

My offered Courses


Java's been here for ages and is mature, stable language with huge community, standards and third party libs.


Javascript is becoming the most popular programming language. Since Nodejs introduction it expanded everywhere.


Java enterprise framework which helps you to create full production ready application in amazingly short time.


A javascript library made by Facebook and used by half of the modern pages on the internet. It is my personal favourite for frontend development.


A library which used to be the only choice for front-end development in javascript. It is still used by plenty of (not only legacy) applications.